How To Remove Body Hair

No, we don’t need to depilate. We could simply allow our hair to grow wild and free and of course there would be nothing wrong with that, but for ladies that would like to eliminate body hair and be super smooth, what are your hair removal options?

Let us initially toss out the idea of the ‘ordinary woman’, because while depilatory approaches may promote themselves as lasting for a particular amount of weeks – a fortnight for ointments, I do not believe so, and as for the fabled 6 weeks from waxing the reality is that each of these techniques will last for different lengths of time for different ladies.

For some of us, shaving a couple of times a week is considerably more suitable to hanging around and waiting for our lower legs to become bushy enough to pull the hair out with wax, while for others, waxing is practically pain-free as well as lasts for perfectly acceptable length of time.

Similar to all points, even the knotty issue of how far to clean the bikini line it’s whatever is best for you.


Depilatory ointments

These have actually got better over the past few years, and now possessed all manner of accoutrements, including rough sponges and artificial shavers. They do leave the legs great and smooth, and also last a bit longer than shaving. They still do smell quite a bit though.



Quite straightforward this one. Get the blade, run it over the hair, eliminate the hair. When shaving make use of an exfoliator sponge with a soft body wash first, then use the razor.  Moisturise right away after your bath/shower. Exfoliate carefully whenever you bath/shower with the sponge as well as body wash. No ingrown hairs, no discomfort, no awkward waxy little bits. OK, it doesn’t last as long as a wax however it’s a lot less time-consuming.



This is a really down to individual’s pain threshold. While for some of us having a bikini wax is akin to giving birth, for others a full-leg job is as relaxing as a massage.

Of course, you need to let the hair grow to a minimum of a quarter of an inch before you start, which could be a bit stubbly, but whether you are paying for it to be performed in a hair salon or waxing yourself, do not moisturize in advance and consider placing a spot of talcum powder on the region to stop it from sticking to your skin. The drier the hairs, the far better it grips.  If you do choose waxing, I’d recommend going professionally.  Sure it’s more expensive, but it’s a great deal easier and you can merely focus on existing there, tuning in to the relaxing music and gritting your teeth, squeezing your fists etc and not have to feel uneasy about  pulling off the hair yourself.

Regarding the bikini line, a good idea is to try waxing on say, your forearm – because it’s nowhere near as sensitive and you can see  exactly how it feels.  Taking some pain pills can also help if you find it too painful.  If however, you need to go down that route I would strongly advise you find another hair removing method.

Wax strips are a less expensive selection, and also work well if you bear in mind to warm them between your hands. There are right now pots that can be warmed up in the microwave and stretch on the skin, yet do beware to follow the timing directions since a pot of molten lava is very hot.

On this note, some people recommend having a glass or two of wine just before carrying out to the DIY alternative. We could possibly not potentially comment.  Veet strips are another alternative



The epilator is a chargeable electric tool that mechanically eliminates the hair.  It grasps several hairs at once and simultaneously removes them.  Although similar to the way in which waxing works, it is less painful.

While the older models did tend to pinch and pull the hair the newer ones are more gentle and often feature a massage system that stimulates the skin before removing the hair and gently soothing it after.  They remove the hair from the root so they leave the skin soft and smooth for up to 6 weeks.  The better ones also feature pivoting heads to reach all the hairs and some even come with smart lights to highlight every hair.



Finally and by far the most expensive (we are talking about hundreds of dollars here) is electrolysis.  It is however a permanent solution, but must be done by an expert, so if you do decide to go down this line make sure you check out the person or salon doing it very carefully.  Also you may want to take some strong painkillers or a few drinks (joke) before hand as it is painful especially the neck area.  An alternative to this is laser treatment which is a little less painful, but generally more expensive.

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